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AFTER’S COOL was established in 1999 by Thorwald Letzer. Together with Emmy van Rooyen he has since then expanded AFTER’S COOL into a full-service institute, which assists students of all ages in their school careers. 

AFTER’S COOL has branches in The Hague, Wassenaar and Rotterdam. We teach students how to study independently and in a structured manner, in a positive way. To be able to study in the first place, it is essential to know what you are worth, to dare rely on yourself and have faith in your own capabilities. Therefore our motto is ‘I will succeed!’.

Huiswerkbegeleiding en bijles voor de basisschool en middelbare school | After’s Cool


Huiswerkbegeleiding op school

Homework assistance

We offer daily homework assistance at all branches of AFTER’S COOL. We work in small groups tutored by university students. Each day all homework is covered. The exercises that have to be made are checked by the tutors and students are actively tested on the material that has to be studied or memorized. We teach the students how to get an overview of and gain insight into their homework by planning and prioritizing. They will also learn how to learn: which learning tactics prove to be the most effective?

One-on-one tutoring

Sometimes students difficulties are caused by only one subject or a few specific courses. In that case, one-on-one tutoring is an ideal solution. Students get one-on-one time with a tutor who specializes in the specific course the student is experiencing difficulties with. This intensive way of tutoring has proven to be very helpful.

Remedial Teaching

Learning is fun and good for your self-esteem. Or at least it can be, when everything goes well and studying is being rewarded with good grades. But what if, even when you are trying your very best, the good grades fail to follow? For all students who find that learning is turning into something they dread because it seldom goes well, Remedial Teaching is a perfect solution. Remedial Teaching is the professional guidance in dealing with learning disabilities or lagging behind in school. These are situations that can have a great influence on motivation, self-confidence and results. A diagnosis will be made and students are equipped with learning tactics and helped in catching up with their classmates. School results will improve and so will your child’s self-confidence.

Testing center

Learning disabilities can be defined as having difficulties with one or more subjects, such as reading comprehension, spelling or mathematics. Think for instance of dyslexia and dyscalculia. Intelligence, focus, concentration, memory and motivation are all important aspects of learning. Children with learning disabilities have normal intelligence. Causes for learning disabilities can be very diverse and so are the implications of them. The frustration caused by not succeeding can affect the joy and motivation of going to school. Testing can therefore be very valuable. Not only can we learn more about the cause of the problem, we can also look to the future and discuss the best way forward.